Getting Links Without Penalisation to Boost SEO

Link building is a crucial part of off-site SEO. Google tends to rank web pages higher in search results based on how many quality, natural links pages have. In other words, the more link your web page has, the higher it will rank when someone uses your keywords in a search query. 

Anyone who has ever received a penalty from Google knows very well how hard it is to both identify the issue and recover from it. If you’ve been fortunate thus far and haven’t been penalised, surely you’d like to know how to avoid the threat so you’re not affected down the road with an unnatural link penalty.

What You Can Do

With so many unnatural, bad links out there, we’re going to cover the basics to help you avoid getting yourself into some hot water with Google. Here are some tips that will help you get the natural links you need to be in full compliance with Google’s rules. Even though it will take you a bit more time to acquire these links, natural links are what Google expects to see, plus they’re the types of links that boost your page rank.

                                                Link Requests

The most direct way to get a natural link is to ask. The best case scenario in this situation would be to find someone you know such as a family member, friend, or co-worker with a blog to mention you and link to your business. This method is A-OK by with Google because you found someone who is willing to both vouch for and link to your website. 

                                            Directory Submissions

There are many directories to choose from ranging from general to niche-based and local. Some let you create your listing at no cost while others charge a nominal fee. Directory submissions can put your site on the fast track to receiving new links. Just spend a bit of time deciding what directories to submit to. It will pay off to search for some niche directories you fit into. For instance, if you’re an entertainer, look for a local directory that tells people where to find entertainers. This type of link would be great to have plus it may drive new customers to you, which is also great!

                                             Guest Blogging 

There are loads of very successful entrepreneurs who are using guest blogging to build links. Moz even conducted a survey, asking businesses and freelancers if they’re still taking part in guest blogging, with the majority saying yes. When looking for a guest blogging opportunity, find a blog worth posting on like one with a domain authority of 50+, a large social following, high site traffic, high monthly page views, and one that shares a targeted audience that’s similar to yours.

                                             Use Infographics

Today, many successful businesses are using infographics to both drive traffic and gain links. Infographics are popular because they’re visual and easy to understand & share. To create a nice infographic, you’ll probably have to pay a $100 or more, but that’s small change when you consider how you’ll benefit in the long run. Once you have an infographic up on your site, be sure to submit it to some infographic directories for distribution.

Link building is an important part of SEO but it’s changed a bit from days gone by. We’re living in a time when Google cracks down hard on low quality links that are meant to manipulate the search giant’s rankings. The key to being successful is to work at getting natural links using the methods above. When generating links, focus on how you can make yourself a trusted authority in your industry.


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