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The current Network newsletter (no.58) includes:

David Kettle, Faith, freedom and illiberal liberalism; Jenny Taylor, The secularisation of blasphemy; Bruce A. Little, Twentieth Century Pioneers of mission to Western culture: Francis Schaeffer; book reviews by Peter Forster, Carol walker and Tom Ambrose


Christian scholars and leaders around the world have commented on the enduring legacy of Lesslie Newbigin on the occasion of his centenary in December 2009. Their comments may be read on the website of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, at



Recent publications of interest:


Christian Mission in Eschatological Perspective: Lesslie Newbigin's contribution, by Jurgen Schuster, (VTR - Verlag fur Theologie und Religionswissenschaft), 2009.




Grasping Truth and Reality: Lesslie Newbigin's Theology of Mission to the Western World

 by Donald LeRoy Stults (Wipf & Stock, 2008)



Lesslie Newbigin, Missionary Theologian: A Reader

edited by Paul Weston  (SPCK/Eerdmans, 2006, 14.99)


This is the first Newbigin Reader to be published. It draws widely from his long years of vigorous ministry.


From the cover: Lesslie Newbigin was the opposite of an "armchair" scholar. Gifted with a brilliant mind and totally committed to Jesus Christ, Newbigin had a knack for being where the action was . . . Paul Weston's biographical sketch admirably introduces him as a person, leader and thinker. This excellent resource makes accessible the thought of one of the foremost Christian leaders of the twentieth century, whose vigorous reflections on the vital issues of ministry and mission speak with continuing freshness and challenge.
Wilbert Shenk

'Lesslie Newbigin was one of the seminal Christian thinkers of the present age, alert to the implications of Christian living both in the West and in India, and Paul Weston is established as an outstanding interpreter of his thought. To have this treasury so thoughtfully drawn from the vast corpus of Newbigin's writings, and so skilfully presented, is a blessing indeed.'

Andrew Walls

This book will enable a new generation to draw living water from the deep well of Newbigin's prayerful thought.
N.T. Wright


Beyond Tragic Spirituality: Victimhood and Christian Hope

by David Kettle (Network Co-ordinator) (Grove Books, Dec. 2005, 2.95)

From the cover: 'We live in a world which at times appears obsessed with the tragic. We can be tempted to be overwhelmed by the tragedy we encounter in person or through the media - but equally strong is the temptation simply to dismiss it. In this profound and challenging study, we see that Jesus, crucified and risen for us, resists both these temptations and invites us to share in his own dignity and freedom.'

To buy the booklet telephone 01223-464748 or e-mail [email protected] For further details see


Faith and Power

Jenny Taylor, Lamin Sanneh and Lesslie Newbigin (reprinted by Wipf & Stock)

Lesslie Newbigin anticipated the significance of Islam for the future of the West and this makes his co-authored book Faith and Power (1998) more relevant than ever today. This book has now been reprinted by Wipf and Stock - for details (including some sample text) see

Newbigin.Net CD-Rom

The CD-Rom Newbigin.Net is now available containing (1) over 250 texts written by Lesslie Newbigin including twelve of his books and some responses to him, and (2) a comprehensive bibliography of Newbigin's works and of substantial responses to him. The CD-Rom incorporates askSam software, making it easy to search both texts and bibliography. A vital resource for those studying theology, mission, the Church, Christian unity, inter-faith encounter, and mission to Western culture.


Price: 20.00 (including p&p) from The Gospel and Our Culture Network, 11 Redgate Road, Cambridge, England CB3 0PP. Payment must be by cheque (in pounds sterling) or banker's draft, made out to 'Gospel and Our Culture Network'. If you are ordering from outside Europe, please add 1.50 for postage. If you are ordering from the American continent, or would find it easier to pay in US$, you may prefer to order the CD from The Gospel and Our Culture Network in North America, c/- Judy Boss, Western Theological Seminary, 101E 13th Street, Holland, Michigan 49423, U.S.A. A concession rate may be available if you live outside Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand. Concessions are also available for bulk orders of ten or more CD's. For further information write to the address from which you are ordering.


For further details, consult CD-Rom.



Works by Lesslie Newbigin posthumously published include Signs Amid the Rubble: God's Purposes in Human History (ed. Geoffrey Wainwright, Eerdmans, 2003). Wainwright brings together previously unpublished material from three moments widely spanning Newbigin's ministry: his Bangalore Lectures (1941), his Henry Martyn Lectures (1986), and his address at Salvador de Bahia (1996). 

Newbigin greatly enjoyed teaching at Holy Trinity, Brompton in the late 1990's - and they greatly enjoyed him too. His teaching tapes on Christian doctrine have now been edited as two very accessible books: Discovering Truth in a Changing World and Living Hope in a Changing World. Published by Alpha International for 5.99. Order hotline: 0845-7581-278.

Four books published by our sister organisation DeepSight in New Zealand can be obtained from the British  Network. If you would like to buy any please write a cheque for the appropriate amount made out to 'Gospel and Our Culture Network' and send it to The Gospel and Our Culture Network (books), 11 Redgate Road, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0PP. This service is available only within Britain. Prices given include postage. The titles available are:

Harold Turner, The Roots of Science: an Investigative Journey through the World's Religions, 1998, pb 11.90

Harold Turner, Frames of Mind: a Public Philosophy for Religion & Cultures, 2001, pb 13.99

Harold Turner, The Laughter of Providence: Stories from a Life on the Margins, 2001, pb 9.90

Brian Carrell, Moving Between Times: Modernity and Postmodernity - a Christian View, 1998, pb 10.90


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