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A selection of web sites relevant for Christian engagement with Western culture:

Gospel & culture networks inspired by Lesslie Newbigin's work operate in New Zealand and North America as well as in Great Britain:

In New Zealand, the DeepSight Trust: an Initiative for Religion and Cultures can be found at

North America's Gospel and Our Culture network can be found at

The networks in Britain, New Zealand and North Amercia have collaborated to create a searchable database containing (1) an extensive bibliography of Lesslie Newbigin's writings and of substantial engagements with these, and (2) over 250 such texts, at http://www.Newbigin.Net

Other relevant sites (a) in Britain: (The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) (Third Way magazine, U.K.) (the Damaris Project, U.K.) (the Chesterton Institute for Faith and Culture, Oxford) (CARE = Christian Action, Resource and Education). Associated with CARE is (West Yorkshire School of Christian Studies) (AGORA: resources for engaging public issues) (Christian media consultancy) (Theos: a Christian think tank) (Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics) (Ekklesia: a Christian think tank) (The Contextual Theology Centre, East London) (Court Oak Gospel & Culture Forum) (Cardiff Institute for Contemporary Christianity) (the Christian Institute: Influencing Public Policy) (Centre for Christianity and Culture, Regent's Park College, Oxford)

(for more, see (c) below)


Relevant sites (b) elsewhere than in Britain: (Zadok Institute for Christianity and Society, Australia) (Christian reflection on popular culture, from Australia) (Center for Public Theology, U.S.) (First Things: Richard Neuhaus edits this U.S. magazine) (Mars Hill Audio Journal, U.S.) (Centre for Cultural Renewal, Canada)


(c) Further relevant sites in Britain: (the Churches' Commission on Mission, U.K.) (the Henry Martyn Centre for the Study of Mission and World Christianity, Cambridge. Links from this to many such centres internationally) (working in education) (the Anvil Trust, U.K.) (Maranatha Community, U.K.)

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